Gold Mining Equipment


     We at Angus MacKirk  Mining & Manufacturing Co.  are proud to bring more than 63 years of My Own Personal Experience PLUS the more than 30 years experience of my Co-Workers to the Recreation and Light Commercial Mining Markets.  (I turned my 1st Ounce of Gold at my Great Uncle Louie Packer’s Patent on Elk Creek in Idaho City, Idaho when I was 7 years old. Gold was then $32.50 per ounce).gold mining equipment

     Our Equipment is used “Successfully” around the World Capturing Coarse and Fine Gold wherever it goes.  We use only the highest grade A.B.S. Plastic (Acrylic Butyl Styrene) and other Durable Materials to cut weight and still provide a Quality Product to our Customers.  Our Sluice Designs have proven themselves time and time again, against all competitors, to be rated among the Best the Industry has to offer.

    Over 75% of our sales are to Repeat Customers and their referrals.  That, in itself, speaks to the Dedication we bring to the table and, to an Extremely High Rate of Customer Satisfaction.  We also have a “Select Group” of Retail Dealers both in the U.S. and Abroad who represent our product line with Honesty and Integrity.                                                                                                                  

 We are considered to be an Industry Leader in Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, Ease of Use, and Solid Value.   If we were aware of equipment more efficient, better performing, or a better “Deal”,  we would share that with you so you could compare theirs to ours but …… We don’t know of any! We want YOUR Business and Look Forward to serving You!  

Gold Mining Equipment

Our General Office, Plastics Component Plant and Factory Showroom are located at 3800 W. Chinden Blvd. in  Garden City (Boise), Idaho  83714 – in the U.S.A.   We can be reached by Phone, Email, or U.S. Postal Service (Mail) or, Visit one of our Authorized Dealers for assistance.

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