Jumbo Feeder

Jumbo Feeder

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Works Wet or Dry

High Capacity
Controlled Regulation
for Finish Machines
or Power Sluices!

Have better things to do than stand there all day Hand Feeding your Shaker Table, Wheel, or even Power Sluice?

This NEW “Super Sized” Regulated Feeder Stand Hopper will allow you to go about your other chores with the confidence of knowing your concentrates are being processed at a rate you have selected for Maximum Efficiency of the recovery device.

  • Up to 3 gallon capacity.
  • Folds flat for storage or  transport.
  • Adjustable height from 27.5” to 43”.
  • Control water flow from a simple “drip,” to a major flow.
  • Full angle adjustment.
  • Molded in course gold / nugget traps.
  • Heavy-duty construction.

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