“Dry Gulch “

Recirculation Power Sluice


Dry Gulch 1Dry Gulch 3Dry Gulch 4


Another Re-circulation Power Sluice model that has been requested for use in water-less areas.

The Dry Gulch Recirculation Power Sluice features:

1,000 gph 12v Pump, Valve,

Slide Out Sluice Tray for Fast E-Z Clean Ups,

Ultra Light For Packing & Stores In A Small Area!

Very Sturdy & Perfect For Small Scale Production In Waterless Areas!

We have mated this unit with an all welded ‘Steel” frame with extra heavy legs and fast adjustments for tilt and angle yet …

It still weighs very little.

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Au. Migo (Gold Amigo)

Au. Migo

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